3 secrets to meeting women on the internet

Did you know there are some secrets to meeting women on the internet?

These are “secrets” because even though they may seem obvious, most guys don’t do them! There are 1000s of women out there looking for a man like you, you just have to know how to reach them.

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I’ve been online for a while meeting lonely women who are craving some companionship. Now don’t get me wrong, not every woman will just jump in bed with you and start sucking your cock (but everyone once in a while you will get lucky!) but there is a huge amount of females looking for a man and are actively seeking a date.

So how do you go about meeting these 1000s of women online?

I personally have had great success following these 3 steps:

1. First of all you have to put the internet to work for you. This means making it easier for these women to find you. So you should signup for all the major dating sites online. Of course we recommend signing up for AdultFriendFinder first. Adult Friend Finder is chock full of women who browse and search the database for men and if your female (or gay/bisexual), there are of course tons of men too. So if you dont have a online profile then they simply can’t find you.

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There are tons of fun and horny women out there looking for a man!

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2. Write an interesting profile! Most guys have minimal creative and dont know how to “woo” women. To see what I am talk about browse some of the male profiles on AdultFriendFinder. Alot of these profiles are so boring they will make your eyes water! You need to show your character through your profile. Crack a funny joke in your description, show interesting, high quality pictures of you doing some unique activity like waterskiing, hunting or working out (women love a guy that’s in shape). The more you make your profile stand out from all the other boring ones the better chance you have of women being attracted to you and getting in touch with you.

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3. Reply to all messages and spend some time getting to know every woman who contacts you. Once women start contacting you because they like your profile spend some time sending messages back and forth with them. Some guys are too picky and will totally ignore a woman that doesn’t look pretty in her profile pics. Even if you see a woman’s picture and she doesn’t appear super hot reply to her anyway. If anything you will get practicing conversing back and forth so that when you do get a message from a girl you like you will be all warmed up and not such a newbie sending messages. Also, spend more time talking about them than yourself. Once you feel you have connected with a woman offer to meet in a public place for a drink. Once you meet a woman in person the rest is up to you!

Good luck! Start using AdultFriendFinder right now…

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